ricerca & sviluppo research & development

The knowledge of special materials: aluminium, carbon, titanium. The science of the shapes best suited to optimise vehicle performance and rider effort. Design elegance to create pieces which, in addition to being efficient, are design objects. This is ITM creative ability, born from experience and projected towards the future. The pursuit of lightweight materials in all research, the supreme pleasure of bicycle lovers, is the company constant goal. And, at the same time, solidity, wear, stress and weather resistance. ITM products are built with technique in mind and purchased for technical reasons. Having them means achieving performance that, as professionals, lead to success and, as amateurs, imply superiority in continual improvement if nothing else.


The special EPS technology used for these items permits, even in a structure with differentiated thickness, to obtain a homogeneous distribution of resin and fibre layers thus providing a safe, constant and controlled distribution of stress point concentrations.