Sit’n’go SP

Super light HM monocoque carbon seat post with 3k carbon fiber finish. Manufactured by using the EPS technology (ensuring the wrinkleless internal surface), the seat post is also reinforced along with the whole length of the clamping area. The accuracy of the shapes created by its attractive design combined with its light weight, make the product one of the best available on the market.
The product is unique and distinctive owing to its four semi-loops that allow for selecting a pre-saddle position, which is then defined by a final inclination adjustment. An adjustment kit for normal seat posts is available, if required.


Seat post with adapter to assembly with any type of saddle: the adapter can be used with saddle with traditional round rail (diam. 7 mm) as well as the most advanced
saddles with carbon rails. Choosing Sit’n’go, patented system, the adapter allows to use all the type of saddles and it permits such a wide adjustment in forward and
backward with the addition further micro-adjustment of the saddle inclination. All this with only one setting.