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ITM offers bicycle frame makers and OEMs the experience of a historic brand and the cutting edge technological skills of its technicians. The “ITM Tech” brand offers a wide range of frames and forks, even for prestigious and high performance models. “ITM Tech” products help make bicycles beautiful and efficient, pairing the manufacturer’s name with a brand that guarantees quality and reliability.

The reliability of a carbon frame cannot be judged solely from the external finishing. First and foremost, it is guaranteed by the absence of internal imperfections, in the parts that are not visible.
To reach high quality levels, ITM uses the most modern technologies for creating composite material products:
– EPS (expandable polystyrene system) permits lamination of carbon on a smooth polystyrene core that is perfectly shaped;
– WMP (wrinkles moulding process) uses a different process to ensure that potential breakage even in the most hidden areas is completely eliminated.
– nanotechnology for controlling material with dimensions less than a micron.