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Frames and forks must be able to withstand extreme stress and weigh as little as possible. Sophisticated calculation programs permit the removal of material that is not indispensable; software defines the points under greater stress and calculates the thicknesses and the positioning of the carbon skin weave with the lowest possible material input. All of this to ensure maximum safety.

The manufacturing process also uses computers: for supervising lasers which cut the fibre skins, each phase controlled with excruciating precision, weights measured step by step, verifying the position of fibres and compliance to the design.
ITM’s highly skilled technicians have undergone in-depth training in designing and manufacturing steel and aluminium bicycles.
The utilization of technology employing composite fibres in the bicycle sector is based on an extraordinary know-how. All this but never overlooking an accurate attention to design, because looks count.

For high technology bicycles, now there is a company with an important past racing toward the future: “ITM Tech”.


The special EPS technology used for these items permits, even in a structure with differentiated thickness, to obtain a homogeneous distribution of resin and fibre layers thus providing a safe, constant and controlled distribution of stress point concentrations.